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Who is Suzanne Hacker?

Suzanne Hacker is an accomplished business coach and entrepreneur, committed to making travel accessible and enjoyable for individuals with special needs. She is also committed to helping Vacation Rental Owners launch and grow their vacation rental businesses quickly and easily while making great profit!! With over 25 years of experience in the banking industry, Suzanne brings a unique perspective to her work as the founder of Welcoming WOW and Spectrum Friendly Vacations.

Through Welcoming WOW, Suzanne leverages her expertise in business to help other entrepreneurs and vacation rental businesses grow and be more profitable while also becoming more inclusive and welcoming to people with disabilities. As a sought-after speaker and coach, she shares her knowledge and experience with audiences across the country.

Spectrum Friendly Vacations, the other company founded by Suzanne, is a listing site that connects families with certified, spectrum-friendly vacation rentals. Suzanne was inspired to create this platform by her close circle of family and friends who have children with autism. Her vision is to promote inclusivity in the travel industry and make it easier for families with special needs to experience the joys of travel.

Suzanne's passion for creating positive change in the world is evident in all of her endeavors. Her work with Welcoming WOW and Spectrum Friendly Vacations is changing the way businesses approach accessibility and inclusivity, and she is always looking for new opportunities to share her expertise with others.

In summary, Suzanne Hacker is a dedicated and accomplished business coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who is committed to promoting inclusivity and accessibility in the travel industry. Her work with Welcoming WOW and Spectrum Friendly Vacations has made a significant impact in the field, and her vision for a more inclusive future continues to inspire others to join the movement.

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